About Us


About Us


A Place to Breathe

Life Gate Church is the outreach organization of Life Gate Ministries located in LaFayette, Georgia. Through over 30 years in existence, we brought praise and worship to our city. We are innovative. This ministry was established in 1985 and has served its area and others by demonstrating and relentlessly teaching the Bible using innovative means and methods. The mission of Life Gate Church is to change lives for the kingdom of God through the Word of God refusing to compromise the truth.

A Little History

Life Gate began with a group of people who desired the Word of God above traditional religion. We wanted to be taught the Word as pure as possible without doctrinal “leaven,” as Jesus might say. In 1985, Pastor Delbert Young came to LaFayette, Ga as pastor of the First Assembly of God, but after a year of leading the church, rough spots were experienced with the Assembly concerning doctrine. Instead of causing problems, Pastor Young resigned. However, he believed God called and placed him in the city of Lafayette, GA. Instead of leaving the area, he decided to wait and see if God did have something for him to do there. Several believed Pastor Young had something to share with the region. They decided to see what God would do with a nondenominational church attempting to focus on God’s word. Another group in LaFayette, The Church at LaFayette, believed in the mission of Pastor Young and joined with him. From those two groups birthed Life Gate Church. Life Gate has continued over all the years to stand strong and focus on the amazing word of God.

Pastor Young retired in 2015, but Life Gate Church is going strong and continues reaching up to God and reaching out to it’s community. Life Gate Church has amazing leadership and will continue our vision.


Pastor Doug Eaker

Doug Eaker

Senior Pastor Doug Eaker and his family have been a part of Life Gate Church since its conception. He is the CEO of Life Gate Ministries and was ordained as a pastor in 1991. He has served the church in many capacities including serving with his wife, Linda, as a leader of a Life Group, participating in the annual Easter Drama, by sharing from the pulpit, ministering to those in the hospital, officiating weddings and funerals, administrating, and doing whatever is necessary to make Life Gate great. As an army veteran, Doug served a tour of duty in Korea and is a current member of the American Legion. He helped manage a local company until his retirement in 2018. Doug and Linda have four daughters, nine grandchildren, and nine great grandchildren.

Pastor Don Dowda

Don Dowda

Don Dowda is a Charter Member of Life Gate Church having been in the group of people in LaFayette that were instrumental in the conception of the new church. Don is an ordained minister who has worked tirelessly to welcome people into the Body of Christ as they enter the church doors for the first time and every time thereafter. He participated in the annual Easter Drama and he and his wife hosted a Life group for over ten years. He oversees the outreach and benevolence ministries with great wisdom and compassion. Presently, he and his wife, Shelia, also oversee the youth ministry called Elevation. Don began his own company, Dowda Communications, in 2004, after retiring from Sun Trust Bank as the supervisor of Telecommunications. Dowda Communications is a telephone sales and service company.

Pastor Steve Lytle

Steve Lytle

Steve Lytle and his family moved from Kentucky and joined Life Gate Church in 1990. Steve has served LGC in many ways since becoming a member. He and his wife, Paula, hosted a Life Group for over 10 years. He sang and played drums on the Praise Team for several years and participated in the annual Easter Drama. Steve was the headmaster and teacher of the upper grades of the church’s school, LaFayette Christian Academy, for six years. As an ordained minister, Steve has been a teacher of the Word and, because of his heart for overseas missions, has served as Life Gate’s ambassador going to Poland three times, Albania twice, Haiti twice, and other trips.


Paula Lytle

Paula Lytle and her family attending Life Gate Church in 1990 after moving to LaFayette from Kentucky. She taught elementary school a total of 27 years including 7 years at the church school, LaFayette Christian Academy. In addition to being an ordained minister, Paula has served in various ministries at the church including playing keyboard and singing on the Praise Team, being a member of the dance team, participating in the annual Easter Drama, hosting a Life Group for over ten years, heading up the coffee table ministry, and teaching the toddlers for a number of years. After feeling a need for ministering to young moms and wives, she authored a book entitled Lifeline to Young Mothers, which is available on Amazon.

Kevin Robinson

Kevin Robinson

Kevin Robinson came to Life Gate Church in 1990 with Gailynn his wife and family. Kevin is employed as a Network Analyst for a large outsourcing company. He oversees the media department at LGC hosting the online campus. He also makes sure all things technical work correctly at the church. Kevin participated in the annual Easter Drama. In addition, Kevin is the leader of the Praise Team Life Group. Kevin constantly says, "I LOVE MY CHURCH! Life Gate changed my life and it can change yours.”

John Attardo

John Attardo

John has been a member of Life Gate Church since 2000. He has served as an elder since 2017. John is a Financial Advisor for Edward Jones.

Joe Chambers

Joe Chambers

Joe Chambers and his late wife, Karen, were invited to Life Gate by his brother-in-law in 1999. He has been a faithful member ever since. Joe worked for Coca-Cola for 41 years retiring in 2014. He was ordained a minister in his former church in Chatsworth, Georgia, in 1978 and ordained as an elder at Life Gate in 2019. While attending Life Gate, Joe has served wherever he was needed including participating in the annual Easter Drama, recording and reporting weekly attendance, providing accountability with another member of the weekly offering, helping with greeting, ministering to others through prayer, and helping with maintenance and building of the church facilities.