Songs By Life Gate Church

Life Gate Praise and Worship – Life Gate is blessed with many talented musicians, singers and songwriters.  

Life Gate Praise and Worship


Life Gate Praise and Worship

Below are some samples of songs written and produced by our team.  These songs were performed live during our worship services.  If you are interested in getting copies of these songs and the corresponding music, contact us. All but one of the following songs were written by people in our church. You are free to use them. Please give credit to the writers and artist. 

His Name Is Jesus by Terry Williamson

There Is a Man by Cassie Eiler

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made by Terry Williamson

Taking Up My Cross by Terry Williamson

Worthy Is the Lamb by Terry Williamson

Holy, Holy, Holy (our arrangement…public domain)

What A Gift by Terry Williamson

Fill Me Again by Terry Williamson

For Who You Are by Terry Williamson

Goodbye Again by Terry Williamson

When I Pray by Terry Williamson

Fear Not by Terry Williamson

He Is Here by Terry Williamson

I Long To Worship You by Terry Williamson

I Honor You by Judy Young

Get Me Through by Matt Williamson

Let Your Kingdom Reign by Terry Williamson